Foldable eBike - Cavalier (Black)

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Technical Specifications: 


(L x W x H)
1230 x 530  x 1050
mm Wheel Base 880 mm
850 x 270 x 960
Axle 129 mm Wheel Size 12 inch
Wheel Width (Front) 54 mm Wheel Width (Rear) 54 mm
Net Weight 19.8 kg Maximum Load 95 kg
Maximum Speed 18 km/h Range 40 ~ 80 km
Battery Type Li-ion Capacity 9.0 / 10.4 / 11.6 Ah
Typical Voltage 36 V Motor Type DC / 3 phase / Brushless Motor
(Front Wheel Drive)
Rated Output Power 250 W Motor RPM 350 ± 10 R/min
Motor Rated Power 36 V Controller Over-current Protection Value 13 A
Controller Low-voltage Protection Value 28 ± 0.5 V Carton Size
(L x W x H)
730 x 280 x 895 mm
  1. Frame: Aluminum alloy frame components, foldable.
  2. Front fork: High carbon steel front fork. 
  3. Brake: Mechanical disc brakes for both front and rear wheels.
  4. Transmission:
    Crank: PROWHEEL Alloy crank.
    Chain: Anti-rust chain (KMCZ410RB).
    Tyres: KENDA K909A / 12.5" x 2.25"
    Rim: Magnesium alloy rim.
  5. Power System: Lithium-ion battery, smart controller, AIKEMA 250W brushless front motor.
  6. Lighting: SBC front and rear lights.
  7. Control: LED panel (KING-METER) /  4-level Power Gauge / 3-speed level switch with PSA sensor to optimize power-assist riding experience. 


  1. Aluminum alloy frame and the 1-second swift folding design deliver a simple yet stylish eBike suitable for different terrains.
  2. High torque brushless electric motor ensures efficient and powerful riding experience.
  3. Power Source: Small-size, stable output, environmentally friendly rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Battery is equipped with low-voltage protection and over-current protection to prevent battery damage from abnormal use and hence prolong battery life.
  4. Easily adjustable handle bar allows riders to ride comfortably in extended range.
  5. Designed for riding in different terrains by youths and adults.


  1. Display Panel: The LED display panel is mounted on the left of handle bar of the eBike. The “ON/OFF” button controls the power source from the controller.  “MODE” button cycle through different speed levels.  POWER GAUGE on panel displays 4 power levels. When all the 4 red lights are shown on the display panel that represents the battery is fully charged, and those power level bars go off one by one as battery power level decreases.
  2. Speed Level Switch: Speed level is defaulted at first level (the lowest power level) when the eBike power is switched on. Press the “MODE” button to cycle through different speed levels. There are 3 speed levels, and the speed range is between 9~18km/h.
  3. There are two riding modes of this eBike: manual riding mode and power-assisted mode.

Manual Riding Mode: Pedal the eBike without switching on the power source of the battery, nor the “ON/OFF” button of the LED Display Panel.

Power-assisted Mode: Switch on the power source of the battery and the “ON/OFF” button of the LED Display Panel of the eBike; and then pedal the eBike to start Power-assisted mode.