Multi-fit 36V Battery
Model No. KL36H32G
Voltage 36.00V
Normal Capacity 6.6Ah - 10.5Ah
Configuration 10S3P
Inner Resistance ≤ 200mΩ
Charge Voltage Limit 42.5V
Continuous Discharge Current 10A
10min Discharge Current 13A
5sec Discharge Current 25A
Size 213.00 x 110.00 x 75.00 mm
Weight 1877g
Operate Temp. Charge 0~45°C
Operate Temp. Discharge -20~60°C
Storage Temp. -20~40°C
Cycle Life 500Times
PCB Safety Functions Over-charge
Secondary protection
Over-current protection
Cell balancing
Temperature protection
1 4-Level LED indicator
2 15A Fuse
3 Power on/off
4 Handlebar
5 Battery contact socket
6 Charging input jack
Safety Devices
  • - Water-resistant, non-flammable and durable ABS plastic top cap.
  • - Built-in PCB protection: preventing short circuit, over-current, over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge.
  • - The internal pack is stabilized by braces: avoiding mechanical accidents caused by vibration.
Battery could be installed and removed easily by using the easy-carrying handlebar. The Four-level LED indicates current power status.
The LED (at the power button controls on/off of the battery) glows when power is on. The 15A fuse, serves as a second protection device, can prevent the battery pack from excessive discharge.
Battery could be recharged either by fastening on the bike or by itself with the provided AC adapter. The key lock is used to fix the battery onto the holder.
Battery holder can be welded on the bike vertically or horizontally. The Contact of KF561.150 is also adjustable in order to enhance the flexibility of battery installation. KF562.150, the fixed holder, is designed for multi-direction installation. User can change the position of battery (vertically / horizontally) by adjusting the clamp.
Battery can be installed easily. Simply slide the battery towards the holder by following the track.
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